What’s it all about…

Let me not make you read through this whole section to get to the new news!

My poetry album, Blame It On The Gamma Ray, has been out for some time. You can order it through bandcamp. Fridays are always a good day to place orders, something about the money going directly to the artists or labels. This album is the result of a collaboration with Willard Simmons who writes the Pittsburgh Orbit. The album format is cassette, yes, kicking it old school, but a purchase comes with digital downloads too. If you do order bear in mind that the purchase reflects crazy high postage costs and you get a lyric booklet. Order away:


Now back to the show already in progress…


A member of our crack investigation team.

The Portland Orbit currently obsesses over homemade signs, independent cinema and TV, art cars, murals, outsider art and other and additional forms of creative expression on the margins and in and around the Portland, OR area. The Portland Orbit continually works up content along with the occasional breaking news as it happens.

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

I’ve realized more and more that I make an effort to direct people to other sources. Just recently I discovered some commercials created for car dealer Scott Thomason that were mind-blowing because they seemed to skirt the line of decency. I don’t pretend to know it all but I enjoy the idea of pointing people in the direction of other information when I can and I’ve never had a problem with people who make the effort to set the record straight.

  1. An Unscientific Portland Orbit Most Read Posts Top Ten(Updated Almost Weekly)
    1. Antsy About Antsi 
    2.  A Message of Mystery: Graffiti Abuse
    3. Not Horsing Around: There’s No Corralling The Portland Horse Project
    4. The Louie Files: The Seaside Riots
    5. The Trophy Wife
    6. The Kennedy Files: A Mysterious Memorial…
    7. Evelyn Collins: Portland’s Mrs. Doubtfire?
    8. Paint Paul
    9. Creepy Stairs, Not Stares
    10. Toyz in the Hood

    Bottom Ten

    (The Portland Orbit’s Least Read Posts)

    1.  Glean
    2.  Breaking Art Show News
    3.  A Fact Checker’s Lament
    4.  Read All About It
    5.  Happy New Year!
    6.  overheard
    7.  2019 Year in Review: The Year of the Toothless Mermaid
    8.  In the Streets #2
    9.  When It All Literally Goes Down the Toilet
    10. Yard Art

    still the one 2

    David Craig is the author and chief photographer for the Portland Orbit. He’s an English major, award winning film maker (one award is all that descriptor needs) and an occasional independent video producer.

    COD Desert 3

    YouTube video channel link here:


    Journalism and writing achievements:

    As a kid he created a neighborhood newspaper called The Daily Doo. It lasted two editions.

    Spent most of his high school journalism class analyzing Ernie Bushmiller’s comic strip Nancy.

    Worked on his student newspaper, the Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech, covering stories on the Ugly Man On Campus competition, the university bus system lost and found and bathroom graffiti on and around campus.

    Contributed to fanzines most notably Mole magazine. Highlights included interviewing the Baltimore Glass Man using a “hidden radio mic” and having a brief run-in with members of the band L7.

    Ran a record and cassette label in the 90’s called Nut Music. Duties included rock poster design, writing press releases and a quarterly newsletter.

    Wrote songs, recorded and performed under the stage name George Willard in the 90’s. Read Sherwood Anderson’s book Winesburg, Ohio.

    Produced 17 episodes in 4 years of a documentary based public access show called Odds and Ends in Fairfax, Virginia. Found it necessary to write the occasional narration and tons of interview questions.

    Worked in education and government television, eventually directing a couple of Clark County meetings and hearings.

    Has completed a feature length screen play!

    Wrote a chapbook of rejected song lyrics that read like poetry.


    Origins Explained

    Here’s a blog post that outlines the origins of the Portland Orbit:


    just sayin' baby


    I’m new to the publicity game. I’m opening myself up to all kinds of feedback such as this:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.30.28 PM

    That Reddit, tough crowd!

    From a Facebook comment:

    What transplant wrote that article?

    Iowa Transplant

    Not actually from Iowa.


    On the “set” of Pretty/Creepy, a documentary short. Here I am preparing to interview director Bryan Hiltner. Bryan took the photo and documented me mid-blab while warming up to get him blabbing.


worst selfie
The world’s worst selfie.

Worst Selfie 45

Another bad selfie.


An ungodly mess of a selfie!

Bad Selfie

The art of bad selfie.





A Pledge to Prevent Nuclear Escalation

(Place your hand over your heart.)

I, your name here, pledge to no longer consider making nuclear weapons, use nuclear weapons in any shape or form or proliferate the ones that have already been made.


Copy Editing: Ronna Craig

Minister of Propaganda and Art Direction: Will Simmons

Narrator for the Portland Orbit Report: Chan

Graphics Consultant: Andy “Poppa” Capp

Photo Cropping and Sizing: Ike Cuttit

Fact Checker:  Position unfilled

Researcher:  Position unfilled


Can’t decide Zombie/Juggalo or neither?

18 thoughts on “What’s it all about…

  1. Nancy Simmons says:

    Hi, Dave– fun to see your blog–hadn’t realize Will stole his gambit from you. Somehow found self going back to the Pittsburgh version (oh, yes–’twas due to Will’s technical cousin Jake [adopted son of my cousin Kathleen Craig & her U-Va husband] and Jake’s family’s recent move to Pittsburgh. So I thought–how better to get to know the real Pittsburgh via a real Orbiter. In the course of which I discovered Will wasn’t the first. Like what I’ve seen of yours so far. So glad you 2 stayed friends.
    ‘Nuf for now. Will’s Mom & former Humanities prof,


  2. Dennis Callaci says:

    There is so much humor here and it starts to compound and tenth power the further down the rabbit hole of the site I go, I think I lost my mind somewhere near the crossroads of antsi and abuse. Thank you for keeping me company when the electric is out and the only light is my 20th century laptop.
    Dennis Callaci


  3. piommahaw says:

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