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It’s all over now but my favorite part of Time Based Art is the booklet they put out each year. I was dissappointed not to be able to pick it up at my local library, like I have in years past, but obsessed enough to ride my bike down to the TBA box office to pick up a copy. Each year I look through it to see photos of people doing strange things in the name of art. This year’s booklet includes shots of people wearing sheets, emoting in front of microphones and cellos and breaking out limb twisted dance moves. My imagination ruminates on the people and what they’re expressing. With an entertainment budget relegated to Netflix and Truckstop Cinema (more on that someday), I balk at 20 dollar show tickets.  While not too pricey, a vicarious experience of Time Based Art is just right for my budget and schedule.

Here’s a link to something that caught my eye in the booklet. Get to know your stand up comedians:

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