Money for Movie

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‘Tis the season and money is sure to be flowing during the holidays so I ask you to take a few moments and consider a plea from a film maker asking for funding. It’s coming from film director Bryan Hiltner who is raising money for a short film called Elena Vance. Bryan has impressed me with his past work on short films so it’s eye opening and educational to be able to follow the progress of this film from its early stages. The money Hiltner collects will up the ante for the film’s production values. In an intro video on the Indie GoGo site, he does a great job of summarizing the film and makes a persuasive case for the many ways donations will benefit the movie. Hopefully this will sway you to donate what you can.

Here’s a link for the Facebook page for the movie. I have a feeling Bryan will offer up lot’s of details about the production of the movie. So, like it.

This is one of my favorite films written and directed by Bryan:

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