Lonnie Holley

My attempt at taking a picture of Lonnie Holley using my iPhone resulted in this image:

Potrait-Lonnie Holley

Sunshine was making it difficult to see through the view finder. With everything I was learning about this unorthodox artist/musician, this picture seemed to make more and more sense considering Holley’s catch phrase “Thumbs up for mother universe.”

After seeing his art show at the Portland Museum of Modern Art  at 5202 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217, which runs through September 27, and watching his performance in the park across the street from Mississippi Records on Saturday, August 9th, I had a big bang fit of inspiration and decided it was time to get my act in gear and become a web blogger.

More information on Lonnie can be found at the link below:


2 thoughts on “Lonnie Holley

    • davidc5033 says:

      Yes, you’re right, I’m falling right into the trap of Lonnie’s anti-technology rant. And I can’t even explain what CTM refers to since it’s slightly profane. I can’t remember if the NY Times article got into CTM too much.


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