Holy Bleep! The Church of Film

C of F 1

There’s something amazing about the thought of a curator or curators pushing the envelope to screen crazy and mind blowing films. From the looks of it, this is what the Church of Film is doing. They’re making it easy. All you have to do is show up. If you’re trying to make films, taking classes and in need of inspiration here’s another outlet. It has always felt like the random film experience, one without preconceived notions, can have an impact by creating an unforgettable cinematic experience. What you do with that experience is your business. I’ll never forget an almost accidental encounter seeing Pasolini’s Canterbury Tales on the big screen presented by a film club while in college. I walked back to the dorm across the drill field in a weird state of bemusement that I’ve yet to shake. Same goes with Ralph Coon’s Whispers From Space which I only saw because the trains were delayed due to heavy snow fall. And then there were many random films I stumbled onto at the East Gallery in Washington D.C. I’m guessing any cinephile has a list like this. It feels like the Church of Film is creating a venue for the possibility for film goers to have these types of experiences.

I find it inspirational that somebody out there is making a tremendous effort to bring a cinematic culture of weirdness and obscurity to what I hope will find a receptive and appreciative audience. So yeah, that one named guy who’s been singing about getting someone to take him to church—well this is that church. He and I and everyone else should be heading to the Church of Film.

The Church of Film folks are digging up the stuff and freaking it out. Who knows what they’ll be screening next but you can stay informed by checking out his link:


C of F 2

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