City of Roses Motel Salute

2010 early summer deck construction more bunyan 013

Last week the City of Roses Motel sign was unceremoniously removed from the site where it spent years in a state of slow decay. Nothing of the motel remained except the sign and as time passed the letters fell off one by one. Here’s how the sign looked in 2010. I know little about the hey day of the City of Roses Motel,  which was located on Interstate Ave near the Kenton/Denver Ave. Max stop, but here’s a found image.

city of roses

With some ambivalence my wife and I are watching new life being breathed into what has been an empty lot for a long time. The mixed emotions have something to do with living in close proximity to what has turned out to be a bigger than expected apartment complex.

See a brief description and drawing of the new Kenton Apartments on the old City of Roses Motel site.

Link here:

Residents of Kenton may have noticed that the remnants of the old Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant sign on Lombard Street were also removed recently making way for a construction project to go in that spot.

I can’t resist posting one more photo of one of the other motel signs on Interstate.


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