Rocket 3 Blasts Off!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.47.53 PM

I met Ramune Nagisetty through a contact at what was then called Suck My Flix, a monthly film screening series that later changed it’s name to Attack of the Flix.  She was looking for a video director. The name was mysterious to me so I asked my neighbor, who played in a band, if she knew anything about this band Ramune. It turns out Ramune, at that time, was more of a solo act who was playing under her first name. She was forming a band and wanted a video to promote the ep she had recorded. After sending her links to previous videos I’d made, I was hired.  With equipment loans and post production assistance from Jeff Dodge, I was able to produce a video. Ramune pitched in with production assistance borrowing a house for the main location, wrangling extras, including her dog, and driving us around downtown Portland for other locations. The song for the video, Shiny Suburban Day, had a booming arena mix, full of crunchy, distorted chords that’s so catchy that I never got tired of the song no matter how many times I heard it during the editing process. The song’s theme of suburban malaise was right up my alley.

I’ve been impressed with what Ramune has accomplished with her music. This is someone who picked up the guitar years after playing a bit when she was younger and then getting serious, writing songs, recruiting bandmates, suffering through a challenging early show that featured a disappearing sound man, recording and other rock and roll stuff like the band’s drummer getting in motorcycle accident. He’s fine now. The band’s name was changed to Rocket 3 and they’ve played over 100 shows since the video was produced. Rocket 3 is throwing a release party for Burn, their new CD, at Secret Society, 116 NE Russell St, Portland, OR on Saturday, November 15. They’re set to perform at 10pm. $8 admission.

See the video for Shiny Suburban Day:

Hear music by Rocket 3:

See another video directed by David Craig:

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