A Fact Checker’s Lament

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In one of my recent blog posts I noticed a factual error. It was embarrassing. I was writing about an episode of the OPB radio show State of Wonder that I had enjoyed and in my head I was thinking the theater near the downtown Voodoo Donuts location was called the Paradise Theater. I had listened to the episode a few times and heard them mention the name. About a week later I came across some mention of the theater in the Willamette Week and it hit me. The reference must have included a picture of that iconic sign because I realized it was not the Paradise Theater but the Paris Theatre. After a quick internet search it became clear to me. I had used the wrong name. Part of me considered the Paradise Theater being a more ironic or maybe even a more appropriate name for what is now a porn theater. We’re a long way from Paris out here, but there’s no excuse to have been so far off on the name. I still haven’t figured out the mix up other than realizing I haven’t been in that section of downtown for a while. I promise to be diligent in verifying any information for future posts, you know, fact checking. The beauty of a blog is being able to do a quick edit so it’s all fixed now. No one will ever know.

Here’s a brief blurb about the theatre on the Cinema Treasures website, but no mention of why it’s called the Paris Theatre:


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