Carl & Sloan Show

Carl&Sloan 2

It’s great to see a new gallery rising up from the ashes, so to speak, like a Phoneix, to fill up the empty gallery space left after the closure of the Nisus Gallery. I saw Brad Nelson, who ran the Nisus Gallery, on a public access show talking about a long list of projects, none of them related to art so I knew he was a busy man. While it’s sad that the Nisus Gallery is gone, it’s a good time to welcome Carl & Sloan Contemporary to the Kenton neighborhood. I’m happy that I’ll continue to be inspired on my nightly dog walks that usually take me past the new gallery space which is housed in the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center building.

New Show: Testable Predictions
Featuring works by Amy Bernstein
, Perry Doane and 
Michelle Liccardo.
March 14 – April 12, 2015
8371 N. Interstate Ave. #1, Portland, OR 97217 — 360.608.9746

For more info:

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