More Purple Than You Can Handle: It’s What Prince Would Have Wanted

Purple Parrot, South Portland

We know Prince had no connection to Portland but I was inspired by the Prince themed group bike ride that used to happen during Pedalpalooza before everything was cancelled. Prince now belongs to the world community and well, I can’t help but once again want to offer another Prince/Purple post in tribute. There are plenty enough Portland fans who would love to see him honored on his birthday and purple things seems to be the way to do it best.

Purple Star Pole Art, South Burlingame
Purple House, South Portland
Purple Garage, South Portland
Tinky Winky, West Portland Park
Purple Chairs, Oregon City
Purple Pick Up, Markham
Purple Sky, South Portland
Purple Police Box/Little Library, West Portland Park
Purple Trash, West Portland Park
Purple Flower, West Portland Park
More Purple Flowers, Hillsdale
Purple Brush, Washington Square

More purple and Prince tributes:

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