Twofer Two, Two Two, Two Tuesday: Daily Doubles for 2/22/22 (The Portland Orbit Edition)

Twice The Inspiration
(Photo by Willard Simmons)

The challenge came over the wire from the Pittsburgh Orbit about running parallel Daily Double stories. This left me confounded. It sounded like a Pittsburgh thing but this date, 2/22/22 is magical, so full of 2’s and Pittsburgh Orbit head honcho Willard Simmons later explained that a daily double references anything involving the number 2, doubles or twins. He left the rest to my imagination and modern research techniques. The internet sent me on multiple goose chases, funny Willard said this idea was inspired by his spotting a double goose. 

Double Arrow: Be One With Yourself

This Twosday on a Tuesday may have you soon sick of twos. You’ll be begging for a three by the end of the day. Imagine the Two for Tuesday marathons and the prattling disc jockeys. The local classic rock station, The Eagle, 106.7, should be reminded not to mix old and new Van Halen tracks and I’d always follow up a Volume One Greatest Hits Eagles tune with a song from Volume Two but that’s just me. Sigh, I suppose radio programming is yet another thing left to the algorithms. It also has to be the best day ever to celebrate two for the price of one tacos. BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) has tried to take the twos out of the two for one deals but NOT today!

The Second City

Two Portlands

Portland is the other Portland, not the original Portland. Most of us know the story about a couple of Easterners flipping a coin to see whether they were going to call the city Portland or Boston. There’s little confusion between the two cities besides the occasional internet search mix ups. There are plenty of other Portlands including one in England that has a Bridge Pairs tournament. When this headline caught my eye: The Portland Police Respond to a Bar Fight–Twice, it took double checking to realized it’s the wrong Portland Police. Multiple Portlands can get confusing.

Double Up!

Enter the Dragon

As if this piece isn’t listicle enough, here’s a list of establishments in Southeast Portland that use double names. Double your pleasure today and while you’re at it, make it a double.

Twin Sisters In Folk: The Shook Twins

No Mirrors Involved
(photo by Summer Wuerthner Courtesy of the Shook Twins)

I wish I could tell you more but I take these folks to be a folksy band utilizing twin harmonies and the secret weapon in their arsenal–the use of oversized percussive eggs to drive their rhythms. My giant egg fascination began when I learned about the band from an OPB Arts Beat segment that aired in 2012. I’m trying to spare you a Nelson reference but it hit me that they have to be the most famous current twins-in-a-band band that I know. My labeling the band as folkies hardly seems fair. Their music has evolved over time as this video, which plays around with twin imagery, demonstrates.

Twice the Crime

Portland Twin Gang Members

This feels like doubling your trouble and nothing I want to mess with but twins work together in many ways, not always the preferable artistic ones.

Robbed Twice in a Month

As if one robbery wasn’t enough having to go through it all over again seems especially difficult. It’s scary out there. These are desperate times even for blog post subject matter.

Dribble Doubles

Double Red Ale

Double Up!

Of course this post is going to channel a beer reference. More research is needed to determine what actually gets doubled in this ale recipe. I’m sure I could get a soliloquy out of the beer guy at Barbur World Foods. Double Red Ale sure seems twice as exciting as your basic Red Ale.

A Portland Pilot Triple Doubles

Double History

Maybe this is ultimately going to work better for a different month, 3/22/22 perhaps but I’ve gotten so excited about doubles that I’m exponentially impressed with three of them. This probably happens every night for LeBron, but it’s cool to see a local kid having a great night on the court. 

The Stat Line!

Twice Delayed

Celiniac Fan Art (Uncredited)

I’m so sorry to have to reremind people that Celine Dion hasn’t been able to perform in Portland lately. The Oregonian reported that her whole “Courage World Tour” was cancelled due to health issues. Now she may not perform at all in Portland in the foreseeable future. One of my goals is to help people learn. Sometimes it’s trivial stuff. I’ve learned that Celine Dion fans are known as Celiniacs. If you haven’t already forgotten that fact you’ve learned something as well.

Not Just A Tennis Thing

Roll Together!

When I hear the phrase doubles I always think of tennis. I was surprised to learn people can double their fun while bowling. Doubles has to be about a combined scores and not two people working together to roll a ball down the alley.

A Pair Of Laughs

Under a search of “Portland pairs” nothing of significance popped up besides a ho-hum, Portland pair being charged with meth dealing. Then the random nature of this exercise revealed an Oregonian link to YouTube video of a clown addressing the City Council at a hearing. I got as far as hearing that Ronnie the Clown, in full clown makeup, talk about insurance issues related to injuring his funny bone. I had to stop watching. The cringe factor made me uncomfortable especially when I anticipated the reactions and non reactions of Portland’s stilted elected officials. When I had another peek I saw Ronnie the Clown graciously yielded a third of his three minutes while managing to nominate the Mayor for Clown of the Year and read a proclamation to “immediately instate him as an honorary Clown Commission.” Ronnie’s appearance was met with indifference proving City Council affairs are truly humorless. 

Honorable Mentions: Twos, Twices and 2.0’s.

Portland Timbers 2 are the reserve squad for Portland’s major league team.

Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the singer and guitarist for The Dandy Warhols.

Portland 2.0, a cryptic, joint venture between Oregon Public Broadcasting and Portland State University. tackled issues concerning Civic Infrastructure.

Local Business Gets In On The Act!

Add To Your 2-Do List

The New Seasons grocery store gets in on the act with a nice use of the numeral 2 instead of the word two. Make plans to get there and you’ll run into me. I love those double points!

2 Years Of COVID

(Photos by Yusef and Ronna Craig)

In a stunning two year COVID transition I went from sauve sophisticant on Valentine’s Day of 2020 to middle aged grunge rocker exactly two years later in 2022. That’s what the pandemic did to me. It’s been a tough couple of years but we are all, for the most part, muddling through. Now if I could only find that Tad album!

In Through the In-Store

In-Store Performance!

Not related much to a specific combination of twos unless you consider this math problem: 2 American Creep Van Albums multiplied by 2 American Creep Van Albums equals 4 American Creep Van Albums! Can you believe there here have already been four American Creep Van recordings released?

Twin Brothers in Rock

This has nothing to do with Portland but since we’re celebrating all things twins, twos and doubles here’s one last chance to celebrate this Day of the Twos.

Head to 1:25:20 of this video for more entertainment than you can possibly stand:

Production Notes:

I think it’s clear that my transplant self is suffering from a blind spot as to a Portland landmark or institution that fits this category. After an especially tough week of work–working twice as hard as I should have to, I suffered from an inability to, well, think. Please take me to task and point out any glaring errors. I certainly appreciate the inspiration I got from Willard Simmons to even tackle this piece and make a deadline. This piece ended up shedding light on a realization that Portland doesn’t have to keep it weird, it is and will always be weird. Head over to the Pittsburgh Orbit for their take on this subject.

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