Mannequin Fever

mannequinoriginal 2

Fashionista scarecrow or Goddess mannequin yard art? It was difficult to tell. When I stopped on a misty afternoon to take her picture she gave me her best red carpet frozen pose but refused to answer my queries. She’s got the looks and grace of Taylor Swift dressed up to sign a recording contract extension. I’m not sure what’s propping her up but she stands tall and glamorous braving the elements in a Kenton neighborhood yard.

mannekin2 2

This decorative mannequin torso and head with her pants dangling and askew brought out my mannequin fever.  Her head reminded me of a beauty academy practice hair head and I recalled the time a friend found two huge boxes of heads outside an Arlington, Virginia beauty academy.  There were strange heads hanging around for years.

Academy Heads 2

Mannequin Garden photo by Ronna Craig

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