Drunk Cop


The first thing I noticed was the mustache. It’s black and flat like a beaver’s tail and too round on top. It’s fake. I have a certain radar for anything overly false like toupees and eye lashes. It’s hard not to notice when the installment of Drunk Cop I saw begins. It was posted on the Portland Film and Video Group so I took a look. Beyond my initial reaction, I have to admit I hit the fast forward button. I couldn’t brave the ‘stache. At least fast forward is better than indulging my short attention span on something else.

The next thing I know I see the mustache man sitting down off kilter in front of the Kenton Library. I swell with neighborhood pride, the same pride I felt seeing a photo of three out of four members of the band Red Fang sitting in the kid’s section of the same library–a photo on the Multnomah County Library website where the band talks about their favorite books, but I digress. This slumped down man is getting spoken to by a pregnant woman. I start wondering if she’s really pregnant and now realize that this can’t possibly matter. She is saying the most outlandish things of a sexual nature. Pregnant prostitute! I’m freaking out through more scenes of who I now realize is Drunk Cop wallowing in all kinds of filth and depravity. Sick and disgusting, yes, you’ll want to look away but you might want to look back.

A few days later, I sat down and watched an episode of Drunk Cop and was rewarded with many comedic moments. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart but if you’re a fan of gross out humor each scene out grosses the next. Impressive.

Looking over the website, I spot stills from scenes that feature many of my treasured local North Portland landmarks like Heavenly Donuts and downtown Kenton and again I fill with pride. It’s cool to see something local and lively and truly weird going on in North Portland.

On the site under the heading “Lonely?” you can find out how you might be able to participate as an actor or actress in the web series. You probably don’t even have to be pregnant. I’m trying to get up the nerve to get back into the acting game. It’s been a long time since my days in community theater.

Here’s a link to a Drunk Cop episode:

Here’s the Drunk Cop web site. Get back in the acting game:


See Red Fang. Scroll down to see the Kenton Library and the band:

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